Vulnerable employee Policy

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Purpose Statement:

The purpose of this policy is to assist the company in taking informed decisions regarding the management of employees that are vulnerable to Covid-19.

Number of Pages: 17


  • Introduction
  • Scope/objective of the policy;
  • Definitions;
  • Relevant legislation/guidelines;
  • Current Policy Positions on Vulnerable Populations and Covid-19;
  • Identifying Vulnerable Employees;
  • Assessing a Vulnerable Employee;
  • Actions to take if an employee is considered vulnerable and protecting them in the workplace;
  • Vulnerable employees who wish to remain in the workplace;
  • Incapacity management of the vulnerable employees post Covid-19 illness;
  • Employees who don’t meet the criteria of a vulnerable employee but are concerned about working in their current role;
  • Pregnant/breast feeding employees as vulnerable employees
  • Relevant documents;
    • Covid 19 Workplace Policy and/or Plan
    • Leave Policy

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