Employment Equity Workshop – Easy steps for Legal Compliance

Avoid fines up to R 2.7 Million or 10% of the organisation’s turnover!

Attend Beyond Corporate Consulting Inc.’s 1 day workshop to ensure full compliance with the Employment Equity Act.

Understand the Employment Equity Act and the requirements in terms of the Act and implement Employment Equity successfully within the organisation.

The workshop will cover the following areas that are essential for the successful implementation of Employment Equity:

  1. Defining and understanding related terms: Employment Equity, Diversity and Affirmative Action.
  2. Defining Equality according to the Employment Equity Act as well as the Constitution.
  3. Define and understand discrimination within the following context:
    1. Fair and Unfair Discrimination;
    2. Direct and Indirect Discrimination; and
    3. Grounds of Discrimination.
  4. Requirements of the Employment Equity Act to ensure compliance.
  5. The role and constitution of the Employment Equity Committee.
  6. The role and mandate of the Employment Equity Manager(s).
  7. The requirements and implementation of Employment Equity policies.
  8. Development, implementation and monitoring of Employment Equity Plans.
  9. Employment Equity Committee Meetings and the matters for consultation.
  10. Communication and record keeping for Employment Equity purposes.
  11. Employment Equity dispute resolutions within the organisation.
  12. Understanding of the Code of Good Practice on Equal Pay for Equal Work and how to successfully implement it.
  13. Development and successful implementation of Employment Equity strategies and communication plans.
  14. Preparing the organisation for a Compliance Audit from the Department of Labour.

Who should attend the workshop:

  1. Employment Equity Managers;
  2. Transformation Managers;
  3. HR Managers and Officers; and
  4. HR Practitioners and Professionals.

Cost per delegate:

R 2 700.00 excluding VAT per delegate

Date of Workshop:

13 September 2018 (8:00 for 8:30 – 16:00)

All Attendees will receive a full Employment Equity toolkit to successfully implement and comply with the Employment Equity legislation.

This Workshop is accredited by the University of Free State (PSB002/017/01/2018) for 5 CEU/CPD (Continuous Professional Development) points for Psychologists and Health professionals (i.e. Psychometrists,Intern Psychologists and Psychologists).

Contact Details:

011 023 9451/2