Human Resource (HR) and Industrial Relations (IR) Consulting

It is clear that HR needs to play a strategic role in order to build capabilities in the business and ensure efficiency and growth.

Beyond Corporate Consulting Inc. provides the full spectrum of HR and IR related services, as listed below.

HR Consulting:

  1. Conducting HR audits;
  2. Define and execute an effective HR strategy;
  3. Drafting organograms;
  4. Managing employee files/records;
  5. Job Evaluation/Grading (we specialize in Paterson Job Evaluation/Grading);
  6. Job analysis;
  7. Compiling job profiles/descriptions;
  8. Employee Inductions;
  9. Remuneration (Benchmarking – internal and external, remuneration surveys);
  10. Performance Evaluations and Management;
  11. Counselling;
  12. Compiling and updating HR Policies & procedures;
  13. Conducting climate surveys;
  14. PAIA (Promotion of Access to Information Act) / Section 51 Manuals;
  15. Team building;
  16. Exit interviews; and
  17. Health and Safety Matters (constituting a Health and Safety Committee; Health and Safety related appointments; Health and Safety audits/checks; chairing Health and Safety Committee Meetings; reporting Health and Safety Related matters etc.).

IR Consulting:

  1. IR audits and assessing compliance with labour related legislation;
  2. Managing discipline in the workplace, including chairing disciplinary hearings and facilitating counselling sessions;
  3. Representing clients at the CCMA and Bargaining Councils for Conciliations, Arbitrations and Con-Arb’s;
  4. Filing Rescission Applications with CCMA and Bargaining Councils;
  5. Facilitating “Without Prejudice” and Settlement agreements;
  6. Handling Union Recognition matters and dealings/negotiations with Unions;
  7. Drafting and updating contracts of employment and addendums to contracts of employment as required;
  8. Advising clients on labour legislation; and
  9. Facilitating restructuring and retrenchment/redundancy processes.

Please contact us for more information on any of the above services.