Harassment & Violence policy

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The Minister of Employment and Labour has published the new Code of Good Practice on the prevention and Elimination of Harassment in the workplace in terms of the Employment Equity Act in March 2022. The code is intended to address the prevention, elimination and management of violence and harassment in the workplace and poses some obligations on all Employers in South Africa.

You are required to have the following in place as a minimum requirement:

  1. Updated Policy on Harassment & Violence in the workplace based on the above-mentioned code.
  2. Take practical and pro-active steps to prevent and remediate all forms of harassment in the workplace.
  3. Conduct a risk-assessment of the possible exposure for workers to Harassment & Violence in the workplace.
  4. Education & information sessions for all employees on the topic.

Purpose Statement:

  1. The South African Constitution protects the right to dignity, equality and fair labour practices. In light of the Constitution, the Company is committed to the elimination, prevention and management of all forms of harassment, including gender-based harassment in the workplace with the aim to create a safe workplace that are free of harassment.
  2. All employees, job applicants and other people who have dealings with the Company have the right to be treated with dignity.
  3. The purpose of this Policy is to address the prevention, elimination and management of all forms of harassment and violence that may occur in the workplace. Specific attention would be paid to racial, ethnic or social origin harassment.

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  1. Purpose
  2. Scope/objective of policy
  3. Definitions and acronyms
  4. Legal principles
  5. Policy
  6. Procedure
  7. Related policies and procedures
  8. Related documents

Related Documents/ Forms:

Guidelines for conducting a risk assessment for the prevention of violence & harassment in the workplace.

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