A Climate survey is a useful tool used to measure employees’ perceptions and perspectives of an organisation. It addresses attitudes and concerns that help organisations work with employees to instil positive change. When conducting climate surveys, our aim is to get a picture of the organisation’s needs i.e. identify possible matters that might need attention as well as areas that work well.

Climate surveys can be tailored to the client’s specific requirements, but usually measure all aspects of an employee’s job.

Typical aspects that can be measured include:

  • Work conditions, buildings/facilities;
  • Remuneration and benefits;
  • Relationship with management;
  • Relationships with co-workers and quality of interpersonal relationships;
  • Training and development;
  • Social functions;
  • Terms and conditions of employment (e.g. working hours, leave, etc.);
  • Performance evaluations;
  • Communication channels (upwards, downwards and sidewards communication);
  • Management practices (i.e. vision and mission, authority, leadership and communication);
  • Structure (i.e. organisation structure, sources of communication, technology, cooperation);
  • Systems – policies and procedures (i.e. performance management; rewards and recognitions; co-ordination and decision making, change);
  • Motivation (i.e. the desire people have to achieve both their own work goals and the goals of the organisation);
  • Individual needs and values (i.e. what people believe to be important and what should guide the daily behaviour in organisations, e.g. job satisfaction and image of the organisation and values.
  • Task requirements and individual skills/abilities (i.e. the specific skills and abilities that people need to do their work, and how well these skills match the requirements of the job (e.g. competencies and planning).
  • Individual and organisational performance (i.e. the outcomes, results and indicators of individual and organisational achievement).

We typically follow the steps as outlined below in order to ensure that the project is effectively managed:

  1.  Conduct a needs analysis.
  2. Customize the climate survey questionnaire according to the client’s needs.
  3. Client to agree on a list of dimensions that would be measured.
  4. Climate survey questionnaire to be finalized and signed off by management.
  5. Climate survey questionnaire to be distributed to all employees.
  6. Reports will be drawn up containing the findings.
  7. Feedback to management and feedback to employees will take place.

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