Psychometric Assessment & Testing

“Psychometric” means “mind measurement” and gives the Psychologist the opportunity to obtain information which is not obtainable in any other manner (i.e. by an interview).  Psychometric testing has been found to be the most successful method of predicting future performance.

Beyond Corporate Consulting Inc. makes use of psychometric tests which are classified by the HPCSA (Health Professions Council of South Africa) as psychometric instruments and are guided by the ethical principles of the HPCSA.

The selection of the psychometric assessment instruments is based on the purpose and requirements of the assessment.  There are thousands of options are available in terms of the selection of psychometric assessment instruments.

Psychometric Assessment Battery and Uses:

Psychometric assessment are typically used for the following purposes (to name a few of the uses):

  • Recruitment;
  • Team Building;
  • Career and Personal Development; and
  • Career Counselling.

Please contact us to discuss your unique requirements and to obtain your customized assessment battery and quotation.