Alcohol & Substance Abuse Policy

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Purpose Statement:

  • As the use of alcohol and drugs in the workplace cannot be allowed or condoned, the purpose of this policy is to promote a zero tolerance policy for alcohol and substance abuse within the organisation.
  • The purpose of the policy is further to eliminate the abuse and dependence on alcohol and/or drugs amongst employees and to assist, where possible, in the rehabilitation of those who have an alcohol and/or drugs problem.
  • The objective of the policy is to promote and ensure employee wellness and ensure a safe environment for all.
  • The policy applies to all Employees of the organisation.

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  • Scope/objective of policy
  • Definitions
  • Legal Principles
  • Policy
  • Procedure
  • Assistance to Employees
  • Authorisation
  • Related documents
  • Related forms

Related Documents/ Forms:

Behavioural and physical characteristics checklist: suspected alcohol and/or substance abuse.

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